[REVIEW] Becca Be A Light Face Palette in Light-Medium

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hello, everyone~

I'm so excited to share to you guys my thoughts about my favorite face palette for the past year! I've been liking face palette since I first started learning about makeup because they're so handy and functional, especially for travel or if you just don't have the time to pick a bunch of different products when you're getting ready in the morning. I've tried a few face palettes in the past, but none of them were good enough to my liking. It's either I ended up using just one or two colours or I don't like them because the formulation is inconsistent. Also, it really annoys me if I can't use all the colors in the palette because I don't feel like wasting any makeup. That's why I'm so happy when I discovered this palette! This was also a limited edition and was retailed for $46 when I bought it at Sephora.

The palette itself isn't too big, it'll fit to an everyday makeup bag. The packaging is also made from plastic, so it's not heavy at all, and it includes a mirror! And would you look at that, it says, "Be Optimistic," at the center.

From L-R: Brighten, (top middle) Blush, (down middle) Contour, Blur.

From L-R: Blush, Blur, Bronzer, Brighten. All of the colors are in silky finish rather than powdery.
  • Blush is a warm coral color 
  • Blur is an apricot glow color and is meant to blur the skin's imperfection and even out the complexion. 
  • Bronzer is a medium bronzer color 
  • Brighten is a moonlight pearls silky powder that's meant to be used all over the face to boost radiance and glow
On the picture above, I was using all the colors. I used blur on my under eyes, blush on my cheeks, brighten as a highlighter on my cheeks, and I mixed the bronzer color with blur to contour my face. 

The Experience
I am an NW25 shade in Mac, and all these colors fit me very well. The colors are natural, the pigmentation is medium to sheer, but it's still build-able. On the picture above, I was also using a foundation on my face, and I used quite a lot of the colors, hence why it looks very pigmented on the photo. Despite being powders, all the colors have a silky natural finish rather than powdery, and the texture is really smooth and soft. One thing that I'm kind of disappointed of is that they do leave dusty powder grains whenever you use them, although not a lot, but the blush is the worst out of the four, leaving so much fallout every time. So, I have to put an extra care to keep the palette clean. But other than that, I have no complain about this palette. It also stay put on my combination skin. If you're on the oilier side though, it might be trickier for you to use this because it might make your face looks oilier after a few hours. 

Final Verdict
I really like this palette! I feel like this is the first decent face palette that I've owned. The colors are natural, but it's also build-able to a bolder finish. I'm also not a matte kinda gal, so the silky finish is a win for me. 

Rate: 4/5
Repurchase? This was a limited edition palette, so I don't think it's on the market anymore. 

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