[REVIEW] Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hello, everyone!

I'm sooo sorry for being out of the radar for a few months, but it's been really hard for me to get my life together yall. But, don't worry, writing more regularly on my blog is one of my goals this year, which also is a part of getting my life together. Speaking of which, I think I have fallen in love with this Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb that is TRULY bomb. I've tried a few different eye creams in the past from a number of brands, and I just got the chance to try this one out last year. So far, this has been the only eye cream that sets well under make up, is very moisturizing, and makes my under eyes more plump, and the best thing is this is the only eye cream that can successfully smooth out my fine lines. This has been my life saver this year, especially from all those sleepless nights.

 Size: 0.84 fl oz/ 25 mL

This eye cream is formulated WITHOUT: parabens, sulfates, phthalates. Although it does contain fragrances, they claim that the fragrances are coming from natural ingredients that they used. I think this eye cream smells the same like Belif's True Cream. It smells really nice, very soothing, and not too strong. 

The first five ingredients listed are as follows: Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, and Squalane. These are humectants. They are hydrating, and they prevent the loss of moisture by attracting moisture from the air to your skin. Squalane is also known as a powerful anti-aging substance because it fights bacteria and protects your skin from free radical damage. It is the hydrogenated version of squalene, which is naturally found in our bodies. You can read the full ingredients list on their website, and you can read the ingredients analysis here on Skin Charisma.

I mean, looking at the ingredients itself, no wonder that the eye cream is very moisturizing. It has a pretty thick consistency, but it doesn't leave my skin greasy and is very lightweight. 

In fact, it always leaves my under eyes feeling so plumped, hydrated, and it also helps to blur out my fine lines. It doesn't erase the fine lines completely, but it does smooth them out, so it makes whatever makeup I put on top of it to set perfectly. I've also noticed that it prevent my under eye makeup to creasing.

I intentionally darken my pictures that I hope you can notice it that I have a few fine lines under my eyes.

And here is the pictures after I applied the eye cream, the fine lines are more smooth.


So far I would say this is my favorite eye cream. As someone who has a very sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, this eye cream doesn't give me any allergic reactions or rashes or whatsoever. It's very well moisturizing even on the winter time, it sets well under makeup, it blurs out my fine lines, yet it doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all. It retails for USD $48, but a little bit of it goes along the way, and this tube lasted for about 3 months of daily use. Honestly, I wouldn't mind to splurge on eye creams because I think the eye area is very delicate and has to be cared very gently and fastidiously. The area under the eyes are also going to be the first to show aging if not properly nurtured. Also, I really like the signature scent of Belif's products. They all smell very refreshing, soothing, relaxing, but not too powerful. For those of you that doesn't like fragrance on their skincare products, don't worry because the smell won't linger on your skin for long. The only thing that I wish this product has is the ability to reduce darkness under my eyes. You may not be able to see it clearly on the above pictures, but I'm also struggling with dark under eyes and unfortunately this eye cream doesn't help this problem at all. Even though it makes my eyes more plumped, the darkness under my eyes are still very visible. 

Rate: 4/5
Repurchase? Yes, until I find a better eye cream. 

What's your favorite eye cream?

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