[REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hi, guys!

Fiiinaaally, I get to post a review again! Sorry for being out of the radar for the past few months, I got too caught up with running errands. Anyway, I'm so excited to introduce my very first serum from the Korean skincare staple. I've noticed that I've been testing out a lot of Korean sheet masks, but I never really got into their serums. So, here it goes!

This serum retails for USD $25.00 for 80.00 mL.

I love that this serum comes with its little cap to cover the lid! So, this serum is travel-friendly because when you put it into your skincare bag, it won't spill everywhere! The packaging is also made from a plastic material.

You can read the full ingredients from the Innisfree website. But, I want to point out the first 5 ingredients listed: Water, propanediol, alcohol, glycerin and betaine. Does something caught your attention? Yes, it contains alcohol as their third ingredient list! What a surprise. However, they have glycerin next to it, soo I think it will balance out the drying effect from alcohol? Okay that sounds weird and it just blurted out from my head. At first, I didn't really notice the ingredients because I was too excited to try this serum, especially after reading so many good reviews about it. My best friend actually recommended me to try this out, and she has similar skin problems like mine (Combination, dehydrated and acne-prone skin), so I thought, why not give this a try? Although, I wouldn't recommend this to the people who have sensitive skin because of the alcohol and fragrance in this serum.

I've been using this serum for the past 2 months now, and regardless of the not-so-good ingredients, I love it!

The texture is very runny and liquidy, almost water-like consistency. A little bit goes along the way. You will only need a pump, and your face will thank you for the hydration! It also absorbs very fast, so I'm happy to say that this serum will be suitable for oily skin folks! I would recommend this serum for the people who have normal to oily skin though, not for dry skin. I think it won't be hydrating enough for them.

The feel of this serum is luxurious! I really love the smell of it, it's like a combination of calming, refreshing, but also sweet, and luxurious. Although, for those of you that doesn't like a strong smell, then.. I hate to break this but, this serum is not for you. Even though the smell won't linger for more than 5 minutes, but it is pretty strong. I guess they put hella fragrance in it, but I don't mind because my skin can tolerate it. It's very hydrating, my skin will always feel bouncy after I applied this, especially the next morning! This serum also makes my skin very smooth, like pantat bayi! It's a great serum for the drier months, and you definitely can still use this for a little bit of pick me up when your skin feels dehydrated.

The Final Verdict
I loooove this serum! Will really enjoy using this serum throughout fall and winter. Not only that it offers a great performance, but also a great value! You'll get 80 mL for 25 bucks, but really, you will only need a pump for each time you use it. I've used this for almost 3 months, but I barely used half of the serum. I think it should last for about 6 months or so, so it definitely worth the money! If you are looking for a relaxing and hydrating serum, and you have normal to oily skin, then you should try this out. For sensitive folks, beware though, this serum contains a pretty large amount of alcohol and fragrance.

Rate: 4/5. Although I love almost everything about this serum, and am really enjoying the smell, I just wish they don't put too much (or maybe at all) alcohol in it considering the long term effect it may have on my skin.

Repurchase? Maybe no, I really wish they would take out the alcohol from the ingredients.

Have you guys tried this serum? Or any other skincare products from Innisfree? Let me know because I wanna try more Korean skincare products!


  1. Wah mantap nih serumnya ya mbak. Pengen nyoba tapi belum kesampaian buat beli. Makasih sharingnya mbak. Salam, muthihauradotcom

    1. Iya mbak, recommended banget buat kulit yg dehidrasi. Salam kenal, mbak Muthi! :)

  2. Aku suka banget sama serum yg mudah meresap ke kulit ky gini, kalau meresapnya lama kadang suka aku kipas2 dulu tuh hahhahaa

    1. Aku jugaaa! Apalagi buat orang yg punya oily skin, gabisa banget deh pake serum yg berat hahaha

  3. I never heard of this product before! Thanks for sharing your review on it! :)

  4. I am so new to the skincare bandwagon, especially serums, I loved reading your thoughts on this! I never know where to begin with skincare products so reviews like this help me so much haha :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. I think serums are a very crucial part to any skincare routine, we just have to find the right one to nurture our skin's conditions! :)


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