[REVIEW] Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless in Shade 220

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Hi, beauties!

In today's post, I'm going to talk about Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation in the shade 220 Natural Beige. I know I'm 'a bit' late to try this out guys, but, it's better than never, right?! Cause you gotta feed your curiosity!

Anyway, first of all, let's take a look on the packaging.

The first thing that popped in my mind when I first saw this foundation is; OH NO. That was literally my first impression because for me, tube foundation is the worst. I'm the kind of person who have a REALLY bad self-control, which would make this foundation is a bit useless to me because I will definitely spill it out. I really hope they will change the packaging in the future to make my life easier!

However, despite of the packaging, I think this foundation is very affordable, especially knowing that the content is 30ml. I purchased mine Here, for a price of $7.99, and I think you may get it cheaper somewhere else because you can find this foundation almost everywhere, in the drugstore, in the supermarket, and in the cosmetic shop.

In terms of the texture, I think this foundation is watery, but a bit thick. A little bit of this foundation also goes along the way, so you will only need a small amount of this foundation to cover your face. In addition, this foundation is very easy to blend!

Moving on, I'm going to show you my bare face before trying out the foundation.

I have a pimple scar on the right side of my cheek.

I also have a few pimple scars on my forehead, but it wasn't really noticeable, especially on camera.

Now, I'm going to show you my face after I put the foundation on my face, without any primer or powder on my face. The reason is because I wanted to see how this foundation actually works on my face without any 'help' from other products. I heard many people say that this foundation really does the job on keeping your face to be matte. So, as a person who has a super oily face myself, I'm going to test it to see if the hype really speaks for itself.

This is the left side of my face. The picture shown on the left is before I put the foundation, and the picture on the right side is after I put the foundation. (Only 1 layer of foundation)

(Picture upper: Before. Picture below: After)

Full face after using 1 layer of foundation.

Full face using foundation after 4 hours. 

 Full face using foundation after 4 hours.

Let's talk about the coverage first. I honestly didn't have a very problematic skin, meaning that I only have a few pimple scars on my face, and I don't have a really bad under eye dark circles. But, as you can see on the pictures above, the coverage of this foundation is medium to full coverage. I only put one layer of foundation on my face, and I would say that the foundation successfully hide my imperfections already. If you have a significant under eye dark circles, pigmentations, or pimple scars, I think you should put more than one layer of foundation to build the coverage as you want it. 

In terms of the oil control, I think this foundation really does the job on keeping my face matte! I mean, it's not like my face will be dead matte all day long, but it definitely control the oiliness on my face, not to mention that this foundation is the only thing that I put on my face. After 4 hours of application, my face actually started to become oily, but this foundation turned my oiliness into a natural glowing face! As you can see on the pictures above, the foundation became more natural because it doesn't seem like a flat matte anymore. Instead, it looked like a natural glowing face! Also, I feel like this foundation oxidized and thus, this foundation looked more like my skin. I'm in love with the result. 

I think this foundation will be very suitable for those with oily/combination skin like me! For daily use, I think it's really up to you to choose between putting on a powder afterwards or not. Even if you don't, you will still prevent your face from being overly oily and achieve the natural glowing face. However, if you want your face to look matte all day long, maybe you should definitely try to put on a primer and a powder to set your face! I think this foundation is flexible, you can use it for daily look and also for occasional look. 

Final verdict:

-Medium to full coverage (buildable)
-Suitable for oily face, does the job!
-Easy to blend
-A little bit goes along the way
-Affordable price

-Tube foundation, you might spill it out if you're not careful.

Rate: 9/10

So, what do you think about this foundation? :)


  1. It works on your face, your face looks glowing & doesn't look oily.
    OMG, I really wanna try this foundation bcz my face is oily too.

    A mind to follow me back? thank you

    1. You should try this foundation! It really worth a try, and besides, it's not expensive :D

      Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I've followed your blog :)

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