Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hello, everyone!

I hope your enjoying your Tuesday today! I am now going to share you my current campus makeup look for summer!

A little disclaimer right here, I will not do that summer glowy and bronzey makeup look. Instead, I will do a very natural and happy makeup look that will last all day long using the currently viral makeup technique called 'Jamsu.'

As some of you may heard, 'Jamsu' is a makeup technique that was invented by the Koreans (well, we all know the drill now. The K-beauty industry is the leading beauty trend nowadays!) This technique was also intended for oily skin types, mainly because it will help you to achieve that flawless matte makeup look! So, you won't be bothered again with the fear of having your makeup melted down on your face before even you meet the sun outside.

According to The Klog,

"What Is “Jamsu?”
“Jamsu,” which roughly translates to “submerge,” consists of basically patting handfuls of baby powder on your face after you put on your primer, foundation, and concealer. Then you plunge your entire face into a sink or bowl filled with cool water for 15 to 30 seconds. After that, you pat dry with a towel and finish the rest of your makeup. The result is perfectly matte skin that lasts all day."

My updated skincare routine 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hello, everyone!!!!!!

In today's post, I'm going to show you my updated skincare routine!!! Yeaaay! This new regime is almost involving all new products because I have been testing maaany, many new skincare products lately. Now, I am happy to say that these are the products that help me to get a healthy looking skin! I will also going to share about my face mask routine in the next post. So, stay tuned!

(Spoiler: my new skincare regime is inspired by the infamous Korean skincare routine! You know the drill already.)

1.  Clean it Zero Purity for sensitive skin by Banila Co

As you guys all may know, your skincare routine won't be complete without the double-cleansing session, am I right?!?!! YES, GUYS! WIPE THAT RESIDUE OFF YOUR SKIN. I really enjoyed using this cleansing balm from Banila Co., and this is actually my second purchase. The first purchase that I made did last pretty long, I think it was about 2 months, and I used it almost on a daily basis (I didn't use it if I don't wear makeup). It successfully melted my makeup off and leaving the skin feeling clean, fresh but not tight. That's why I love it sooo much! Also, I feel like using cleansing balm is better for your skin than using makeup wipes since it is more gentle to your skin and any harsh scrubbing won't be necessary to get your makeup off!

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