Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hello, everyone!
So, it turned out that I finally have the opportunity to try this product that everyone has been raving about. Yes, that nivea post-shave balm as a primer!

For those of you beauty-junkies, you must have heard of this product review everywhere. From NikkieTutorials who first made this trend, to Kathleen Lights, to Sarah Ayu, Lizzie Parra, and many more including beauty-bloggers. And for those of you who haven't heard about this, calm down, because you didn't read it wrong.. it is a post-shave balm that is normally use by men after they shaved their mustache. And yes, we're going to talk about it as a make up primer.

So, we're going to find out more about this product!

I finally have the courage to try out this product because I was influenced by the widely, glowing reviews about this product! especially when my favorite youtube, which is Sarah Ayu, gave her review about this product and that she totally loves it! And knowing that she have the same type of skin as mine, that was the moment I knew that I have to give it a try!

Now, we look at the ingredients first:
Water, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Chamomilla Recuitita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tapioca Starch, Triceteareth-4 Phosphate, Maltodextrin, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone, Piroctone Olamine, Fragrance

From the ingredients we can see that Nivea contains Glycerin, which is found in every makeup primer. that will smooth and prepare the skin ready. So, its clear how Nivea will work as a primer.

The bottle is a bit heavy especially when compared to other primer. It made from a glass bottle with a plastic screw-top lid. I would recommend you to take a bit of it and place it to another travel size container if you wanna put it in your makeup pouch.

The mouth of the bottle isn't super wide, but the texture of the liquid is very thin and runny so you have to be able to control it. Otherwise, the liquid will spill out of it and you will get too much of it. Just tilt the bottle at a slight angle and the liquid will slowly come out. It also has a pretty strong manly scent -- but still tolerable. The scent will not stick when you put them on your face, so it's okay.

You don't need to put much of it because of the watery texture. A little will goes a long the way. And don't put your makeup when the primer was still wet -- because it will only ruin your makeup! but don't wait until the primer is dry, because you won't get the benefit of using it. The primer will stick on your skin while you haven't put on your makeup, so the primer won't be able to prime your makeup. So, just wait a second after you put the primer on your face, and just directly put on your makeup!

I tried this product after I used my moisturizer. Then, I applied my cream foundation, concealer, pressed powder, bronzer, and my eyebrow pencil and lipcream. 

This is how my face look like after 2 hours of application:

(I don't even know why my face looks so pale in this picture lol)

I haven't noticed any oil on my face, my bronzer was still on, so my face was still normal because usually this foundation that I used that time can hold up my excess oil up to 5 hours.

After 5 hours of application, my nose started to shine! also, my cheeks and forehead began to be oily. Eventhough the oil on my cheeks and forehead weren't really noticeable, but the oil on my nose was a shine! So, I decided to use a blotting paper on my face to get rid of all the oil. That moment I realized that this product isn't that really good oil-control product. Because my face begin to be oily after 5 hours, which is the normal amount of time that my face gets oily after I used my foundation. 

This is my face after 7 hours of application, and I haven't used a blotting paper again.

Beside of the oil-control, I'm still happy because eventho I used my blotting paper, my makeup was still in place! I can see a little fading but they're not all gone. Usually, if I used a bloting paper then all of my makeup will melt away. Also, usually my eyebrows will begin to fade away especially at the front end. But this time, it didn't. So, I can say that this product successfully made my makeup on all day!


This product is worth the hype! especially with the friendly price, ($4.19 on Target) and is available on just every corner of drugstore in towns! But unfortanately, this product isn't available yet at the drugstore here in Indonesia, but is easily found in every onlineshop. I bought mine in TWL Cosmetics, with the price of IDR195.000 ( a bit more expensive compared to the price in the US drugstore) but with 100ml of this primer, I think it would last for about 3 months of usage because I only need a bit of it. So it still worth the price. One thing that kinda makes me disappointed is the oil-control power, because many beauty blogger and vloggers been raving about the amazing oil-control of this product, which turns out to be "average" for me. I still get my face oily. But beside the oil-control, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! because it makes my makeup on all day, it prevent my makeup of being melt away eventho I used my blotting paper, I only see a little fading. I guess this product would be perfect for everyday use! I don't need to do touch up for my makeup, and in fact that I'm also a lazy person when it comes to touch ups hahahah so this product will save my life! I will only need a blotting paper to reduce the oil on my face. Last but not least, this product doesn't give my skin a breakouts or irritation! so, my skin also love this product! 


+ friendly price
+ makes my makeup stay on all day
+ a little goes along the way
+ doesn't give my skin a breakouts/irritation
+ easy to be found in shops

- heavy, bulky packaging
- not a good oil-control product

Rate: 6/10
(because of the not-so-good oil-control and the heavy packaging)

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Thankyou for reading, I hope my review will be helpful! xx


  1. I was crazily searching for this stuff when I was in the US but apparently it was sold out everywhere -_-
    Not sure why people want to buy post shave balm instead of real primer lol especially knowing that it didn't work (which is like duh, it's not a primer after all)
    Thanks for your honest review ^^ I'm following you back!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. yea a bunch of beauty vloggers and bloggers around the world were satisfied by this post shave balm oil control! I was expecting much from it. They said that nivea could make your face shine-free for at least 7 hours and that it would make your makeup stays in place all day. But, in fact, it didn't make my face shine-free as they said. I would say that nivea has no oil control at all (yes because its not a real primer) and that yes it made my makeup stays in place, but still, i can see a little fading. I'm a lil disappointed somehow

  2. Hi!
    I also find the product makes my makeup stays put on my face really well.
    Unfortunately, it breaks me out so badly! :( Hence I should stop using this product.
    Happy it works just fine for you! :)


    1. Hello! So sorry to hear that! Maybe it's because this post-shave balm actually doesn't meant to be a primer so its kinda sensitive for a particular skin. Anyway, have you tried Monistat chafing relief powder gel? a bunch of people have been talking about that product as a primer too! Its funny somehow knowing that some people could just "invent" their new primer from a skincare products! hahaha. :))

  3. Laaah ternyata udah direview lengkap hahahahahha duh xDDDDD
    Minusnya ternyata di oil control, yaaa. Tapi makeup tetep awet.. Duh jadi galau wkwkkwk xp

  4. Laaah ternyata udah direview lengkap hahahahahha duh xDDDDD
    Minusnya ternyata di oil control, yaaa. Tapi makeup tetep awet.. Duh jadi galau wkwkkwk xp

    1. Iya menurut aku Nivea ini juaranya ngebikin makeup nya tetap tahan sepanjang hari, sayang.. oil controlnya itu loh agak mengecewakan T.T menurut aku sebaiknya pake setting spray makeup yg matte setelah pake nivea ini, buat nahan minyaknya :)) emang susah ya kalo punya wajah oily :(

  5. Nice review^^
    I think this product works better than Benefit Porefessional in terms of oil control.

    Btw, I just followed your blog.
    Please follow back mine^^
    It means a lot.
    Thank you^^

    1. Thankyou. Anyway, I don't really think that Nivea has a good oil-control.. hence, I might say that Benefit Porefessional still have a better oil control than Nivea :) But, I'm happy to hear that Nivea oil control works really fine for you.

      I've followed you back! thankyou for following mine too. :))

    2. Thank you so much and you're welcome^^

  6. Nice review! wohoo, jadi pengen coba Nivea ini juga O_O
    Lumayan juga kalo bisa bikin makeup tahan lama..

    1. Nivea ini worth a try kok! harganya juga nggak bikin kantong nangis hahahah :D

  7. wah kayaknya emang nivea ini banyak yang pakai buat face primer :D
    harganya di indonesia emang agak mahal ya kak daripada di luar dan adanya emang cuma di olshop doang :'D
    jadi pengen coba juga deh hehe

  8. coba ajaa menurutku ini worth a try kok, kalo dijadiin primer masih oke lah. cuma kalo kulitnya berminyak, menurutku oil controlnya biasa aja :(

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