A Day In Our Life: First Time Train Riders

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hello, everyone!

So, on the 3rd of June, me and my 2 friends decided to go to the Old City of Jakarta (Kota Tua) by train. It was our first time experience using a train. Yes, we are 17 and never took a train before! hahaha but now we have experienced it.

First of all, we went to the train station in Bintaro, Jurangmangu, and then we took a train to go to the station in Tanah Abang. My friends and I went to the wagon that is for women only, because we thought it would be more comfortable for us and there would be less chance for a pocket picker to take place. When we first took the train to Tanah Abang, the crowd was still normal even though there were no seats available and we had to stand for a couple of minutes. Then, we arrived at the Tanah Abang station to take the next train to Manggarai Station, and the crowd.. whoah. It was literally like a sea of people there in the wagon! all the women were jostling, even we barely had space to move. I was so shocked with that amount of people.

After we arrived at Manggarai Station, the crowd even got uncontrollable. We had to wait for the train twice, because the first train was insane.. I can say all he women went crazy and they were pushing each other in order to get a space in the wagon. I remember the security had to push all the women inside the wagon so they would fit in there. Then we wait for approximately 20 minutes to get the next train, and the crowd was still wild as before but it was better because we finally made it to the wagon! It was such an experience. But the sad news is.. WE TOOK THE WRONG TRAIN!!! When we were at the station, there's a bar that clearly says the train that go to Stasiun Kota is on lane 5, and we were on lane 5. But it turns out that the train that we were taking is going to Sudirman! T.T We were really tired and mad because we have waited for a long time to get to the train and even we need to jostling around, just to find out that we were in the wrong train??!!!?!!

(Yes, it is a snapchat filter.)

Then we decided to stop at the Sudirman Station and just take Uber Taxi instead of going back to Manggarai Station and go to the Kota Station.

After we arrived at Kota Tua, we went straight to Cafe Batavia to have our lunch

I really love the decoration!

Bonus, a picture of 3 of us! :D

A typical welcome selfie of me

 The view from our window

After having our lunch, we're heading to Museum Fatahillah and Museum Keramik. 

Last Destination: National Gallery of Indonesia!

After visited the National Gallery of Indonesia, we went back home by Uber Taxi (as always, uber is always there when needed! hahaha) before we go home, we went first to Taman Jajan, Bintaro to have our dinner. We really had a good time! It was such an experience to explore a glimpse of Kota Tua and got into a train for the first time! :)

All photos were taken by Iphone 6, edited by Vsco cam.


  1. LOL, tapi seru sih kalau nyasar bareng teman. Asal gak sendirian aja.. Aku juga pernah ke batavia cafe, atmosphere nya cukup membuat aku gak betah sih.. Entah kenapa.. Hehehe

    1. iyaa hahaha kalau nyasar sendirian sih bete banget jadinya xD batavia cafe sbenernya interiornya unik sih bagus, tapi vibesnya emang agak serem gitu hahaha

  2. wih di stasiun kalo jam padat emang kayak mau nerobos benteng Takeshi >< Aku suka banget sama Kota Tua :D Jalan-jalan di Museumnya asyiik.. Aku saranain kamu mampir ke museum Bank Indonesia deh :)

    1. iyaaa emang parah banget sampe susah gerak! pengalaman banget deh hahahah. Kemaren aku udah mampir ke museum Bank Indonesia, tapi taunya tutup :( belom kesampean deh

  3. That's so funny - sounds like an adventure which turned out pretty good despite taking the wrong train. I once got off an airplane at the wrong airport... but mostly just had a quiet afternoon waiting for a different set of flights. Great post!

    1. Yeah I was lucky I got the chance of being in the wrong train with my best friends! It's okay to be outside the lane sometimes.. thank you!


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