[REVIEW] GLAMGLOW supermud charcoal instant treatment mask

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Hello, everyone!

It's been tooo long since I've posted here! Well, you know what it is. Life tends to get in the way sometimes, not to mention that 2020 has 'too much' to offer, but blogging will always be one of my happy places! Anyway, how are you guys doing? I hope everyone is staying safe and comfortable with the new normal!

As you guys can see from the title, I'm going to review one of the most overrated masks out there: Glamglow supermud charcoal mask. I've been using this mask for the past year, and I used it once per week. I decided to buy the biggest size they have because I was so caught up with the good reviews on the internet and because I've been wanting to try this mask since I was in the 10th grade! It was so hype back then (and even now too, I think?), but I never got to try it until now because of how expensive it is. You can purchase the mask straight from their website or you can also find them at Sephora and Ulta. This mask is retail for $25-$86 USD. Mine is the biggest size, so it retails for $86. If you want to try it out to see if your skin is happy with this mask, I suggest getting their smallest size at 15g for $25. 

From their website, this mask is supposedly function to get rid of blemishes and skin imperfections by exfoliating the dead skin cells and removing dirt and toxins from the deepest of your pores. It is formulated with charcoal, K-17 clay and a blend of six acids which consists of glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mendelic, pyruvic and tartaric acids. Now, that is a lot of acids, and they're all listed as the fourth ingredient of the mask. This is a bit of an alarm for folks with sensitive skin like mine. It also contains fragrance and peppermint oil, which I'm clearly not a fan of.

From left to right: when I first applied the mask, when the mask is dried up.

The Experience

Since I have very sensitive skin, I usually only leave the mask on for 10 minutes. It actually doesn't tingle or whatsoever, but I do feel the mask is sucking on my pores, and my skin will feel very tight when the mask is dried up. After washing off the mask, there's not much of a difference. It definitely helps to make my skin smoother and get rid of my comedones around my face, but not on my nose, which is my number 1 problem area in terms of pores. Although I have combination skin, my nose is super oily, so my nose is always filled with blackheads and the mask doesn't help with it at all. Also, I noticed that whenever I have a breakout on my face and used the mask, it actually made my skin angry the next day. The breakout would become worse and irritated, although I thought that this mask would help to fight it. So, I can only use this mask if I don't have acne on my face. However though, I never have problems with acne, I was lucky enough that my skin never breakout so badly. I usually only get hormonal acne on my chin before the start of my period, and sometimes I do get 1 or 2 acne if I don't wash my face properly. So, I don't have any sayings whether this mask help with preventing acne or not. In addition, with regular use this past year, this mask isn't a big help with my clogged pores and whiteheads. In fact, I feel like my PMD beauty cleansing device is way more effective to get rid of clogged pores and removing dirt from my pores. 

Final Verdict

I do feel like this mask is overhyped and very overpriced! The acid content is also too high, IMO. It also contains fragrance and peppermint oil, which are known to be possible irritants for sensitive skin folks. The only thing that I like about this mask is that it does make my skin smoother right after using the mask, but other than that, there's not much of benefits. If you have a 'tough' skin, and you're used to using acid in your skincare, then I think you're safe to try this mask. However, I wouldn't recommend this mask if you have sensitive skin. Also, I feel like there's a cheaper alternative to using this mask with better results.

Rate: 2.5/5

Repurchase? No!

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