Another Journey To Exfoliation - Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello, everyone!

In today's post I'm going to talk about my current go-to exfoliator. I've been using this product for about half a year now, and I had purchased this product twice since the first time I bought it. So, why did I keep repurchasing this exfoliator?

First of all, let's all take a look at the packaging. 

It comes in a huge glass container that is definitely not travel friendly. And I have to admit that it's a bit heavy.

When you open the container, you will see a yellow pre-soaked gauze that is filled with all the ingredients that will help you to achieve a brighter and healthy looking skin. Each container will come with 30 gauze. For each gauze, it has 2 different sides that you can use.

The front side of the gauze is the one with a yellow color like the one pictured on the right. The texture is a bit rough and gritty and is meant to exfoliate all the dead skin cells on your skin. When you flip the gauze, you will see the soft, quilted side like the one pictured on the left. This side is meant to swipe away the dead skin cells that you just exfoliated and to help your skin to absorb the essence. And as you can see, this side is also meant for you to slide your fingers in to hold the gauze, and so that the rough side will be facing you and ready to exfoliate. 

This is a two step exfoliator, and you should use the rough side first and then follow up by the smoother side of the gauze.

You should use the gauze in a gentle circular motion.

Now, you should noted that this exfoliator should only be used after the cleansing step. Why? Because you should prepare your skin beforehand, so that it is ready to be exfoliated and is also ready to absorb all the nutrients that you're about to give into your skin in your skincare regimen. Hence, first of all, you should use the gritty side of the gauze to exfoliate your skin, and then flip the gauze to use the smoother side to wipe away all the dead skin cells. And you may think that you shouldn't wash your face, but in fact you should! The ingredients of this product are meant to be a wash-off treatment, and you certainly wouldn't let any leftover of the dead skin cells to remain on your face. 

So, the last step when using this product would be to wash your face with a lukewarm water! 

Moreover, in terms of the ingredients, this bio-peel gauze is a two in one exfoliator. Meaning that this exfoliator does it all, it physically and chemically exfoliate your skin. Why chemically? Because it contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, papaya, lemon, and orange extracts that all contribute to exfoliate the dead skin cells to help the skin to look brighter. Also, as you probably may notice, the star ingredients in this product are the lemon fruit extract and the acids. The lemon fruit extract will help to brighten the skin and lighten any hyperpigmentation on the skin. This product use a powerful AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that are considered to be the holy grail for exfoliation. Glycolic acid is a powerful exfoliator ingredient that will remove the outermost layer of the dead skin cells to improve the complexion of the skin. While lactic acid is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that will help to reduce breakouts, as well as improving the look of fine lines/wrinkles. And besides of all the acids, this product also contains hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin that all combines to retain moisture to the skin, as well as acting as an anti-aging property. Hence, I would say that this product is gentle enough, although not the best formulation for those with sensitive skin. 

Now, I wouldn't say that you will instantly achieve a brighter looking skin right away after you use the products, but I would say you will notice the difference after 3-4 times of usage! However though, after you use this exfoliator, you will notice that your skin is smoother than before. Nevertheless, you may have noticed that the gauze is pretty big in size, which I also admit. A lot of people chose to cut the gauze in half because they feel like wasting the product as they can't efficiently use the gauze because of the size. In my opinion, you can use the whole one gauze or cut it in half per application, whatever you like. 

The Verdict

- 2 in 1 exfoliator that will physically and chemically exfoliate your skin
- Unique gauze design as you can slide your fingers in
- Big gauze, enough to cover the whole face and you can even cut it in half to save more product
- Considerable Price, $27 for 30 gauzes 
- Contains powerful anti-aging and exfoliator ingredients
- Gentle enough to be used by sensitive skin types
- The gauze is also not harsh and is gentle for the skin

-Packaging not travel friendly

Final rating: 4.5/5
So, have you guys tried this bio-peel gauze? I've been loving this lemon bio-peel gauze and am thinking about trying the green tea variant. If anyone of you have tried it before, please do let me know! :)


  1. Wah malah aku baru tau kalo setelah pakai ini harus di bilas. Tapi aku belum pernah coba yg ini, tapi ini must-have-item untuk exfoliator yang lumayan bagus :D

    1. iyaa ini harus dibilas, kalau nggak dibilas nanti kulit matinya tetep ada dikulit dong hahaha soalnya ini physical exfoliator :)

  2. Neogen emaang, aduhhh, sebagus itu. Akhirnya nyobain ini karena pacar yang beli duluan. Hahahhaa

    1. iyaa emang bagus banget dan untuk efek brighteningnya menurutku cukup keliatan setelah beberapa kali pemakaian haha :D

  3. Hay kak, aku juga pernah ngereview neogen tapi yang greentea. Sekarang sudah pakai yang varian lemon ini, perbedaannya si lemon ini menimbulkan efek cekitcekit sedikit dimuka dan cairannya itu lebih lengket. Tapi untuk hasil sih benar-benar sukak sekali sama varian lemon ini. Produk Exfoliator terbaik pokoknya..

    1. iyaa hahaha aku juga suka banget sama si neogen lemon ini, aku juga ngerasain efek brighteningnya walau nggak drastis, tapi bikin kulit keliatan lebih cerah :)


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