[REVIEW] Holika Holika Petit Jelly BB Cream in Natural Beige

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hello, everyone!

On today's post, I'm going to share my thoughts about Holika Holika Petit Jelly BB Cream in Natural Beige. I decided to give this one a try because I have been so in love with Korean beauty products! I now have my own sheet mask routine per week, and I also have been doing the 10 steps Korean skincare routine! I know it sounds crazy, well actually it is because I have to spend about 15 minutes in the bathroom every time I was doing my skincare. But, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! 
And considering that I haven't tried any of Korean make up brand, so I chose to try this one because I've seen many good reviews about this product. 

It comes with its own sponge!

Unfortunately, I decided not to use the sponge because many people told me that the sponge is kinda useless :| 

Now, let's talk about the packaging first. Isn't it super cute?! I mean, just look at the lid that is designed with a white polka-dot! And the container, I think it's supposed to resemble the "jelly" shape. I might say that this is the cutest BB cream container that I've ever seen! However, the minus point about the container is that it is made from a glass, not plastic. So, it's a little bit heavy if you want to put it in your everyday make up pouch that you will bring every day.

Moving on, the texture of the BB cream is like a jelly, and I think this helps to spread the liquid more evenly to the skin and also a little of it goes along the way. When it's applied, it becomes a little bit watery which is a good thing because it means that this BB cream is not heavy on the skin. Also, for those of you who have oily or oily-combination skin, you will love this BB cream for its texture and its consistency! The watery consistency will make it very suitable for people who have oily skin.

As you can see on the left picture, that is how I swabbed the liquid for the first time. It literally look like a thick jelly texture. On the next picture, that's how it spread out, and it was really easy to spread!

Aaaaand voila, this is how I look when I first applied the BB cream on my face. I have to say that it was bit lighter than my skin tone, and the undertone of this shade is pink!

However, after approximately half an hour, I think the BB cream has oxidized and thus make it more fit to my skin tone.

It was very light when applied and also didn't make me feel like there's something on my face. The coverage is also buildable, you make it sheer by applying with a buffing brush (that's how I usually do it) or you can use a beauty blender to build the coverage to become medium or even full coverage, or I would just say a strong medium. However, I wouldn't recommend using this BB cream for a heavy coverage because it would look a little bit cakey, as the main purpose of BB cream is to be used for every day make up and to hide imperfections at the minimum. Also, this BB cream has its own unique scent, I think it's best described as fresh and sweet scent, but it's not too strong. I personally don't mind about it, and when you apply it on your skin, you won't be able to smell it, so that's good thing!

Furthermore, this BB cream only comes in 2 shades which is Aqua Beige and Natural Beige. This is an addition to the minus point for this BB cream, as this product will not be suitable for every skin tone. I would say the 2 shades are light and lighter, LOL! But it's obvious though, as this product is mainly targeted for the Korean market. 

In addition, if you have dry patches, you might want to avoid this product.

When I first applied the BB cream, it was perfect for the first hour, until.. my friend told me that I have a BAD dry patches near my lips, and it was pretty revealed! It may not seem so bad on the picture above, but trust me, IT WAS SO BAD! I was so ashamed. Luckily, I have my Mario Badescu Facial Spray with me! It helped me to hide the dry patches, and make it not so invisible. Thus, I really don't recommend this BB cream for the people who have dry skin! And for those of you who have oily or combination skin, make sure that you moisturize your skin well before applying this product, or you will experience a bad moment like me!

In short, I came up with this:
-The coverage is buildable (sheer to medium)
-The price is affordable (I bought it for $11 on Amazon, and I think you can get it cheaper, depends on where you buy it)
-Very light-weight
-Great texture
-Doesn't cause me breakouts
-Will oxidize to fit your skin tone

-Not travel friendly (heavy packaging)
-Exposing dry patches
-Very limited shade selection
-Not really hygienic as you need to get the liquid from the spatula all over again

Overall, I think this BB cream is mehh. Although the quality of the product is decent, the shade selection is very limited, and there's nothing from this product that amazed me. 


  1. Aku mah kalo cream apapun terutama makeup gini agak gaenak kalo kudu dicolek2, merasa kurang higienis aja.. jd lebih senengan yang bentuk tube gituu. Anw itu gedayy bgtt keliatan banyak bgt isinya hahaha xD

    1. Iyaa sebetulnya agak ribet kalo bentuknya kaya gini karena sebenernya ngambil liquidnya juga susah, tapi kalo aku sih harus pastiin dulu aja tangannya bersih supaya pas dituang ke tangan spatu spatulanya tetep bersih! dan emg isinya banyak bgt sih hahaha jadi emang ga cocok buat ditaro di make up pouch buat dibawa bawa gituuu

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