[REVIEW] Make Up For Ever full cover concealer

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi, everyone!

Today I'm going to talk about this concealer that I've been using for the past 6 months.

It's the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in shade 10

The main reason why I chose to try this concealer is because as the name suggest, it is a full cover concealer. I really do expect this concealer to be my best friend to conceal my skin imperfections when I first bought it, considering that I do have a lot of pimple scars on my face especially on my forehead! (Yeah, these scars really bother me. If anyone of you know how to effectively remove blemishes, please leave a comment down below! I'd really appreciate it.) 

The formula is really creamy, but it goes from cream to matte finish really fast. It only needs a couple seconds to become a matte finish on your skin right after you apply it on your skin. My suggestion is that when you want to apply it on your face, just apply it one by one and blend it. Don't apply to all over your face and then blend it because the concealer would be already matte by that time, and it would be pretty hard for you to blend it! 

This is how it looks after I apply the concealer under my right eye, compared to my naked left eye.

It conceal the darkness underneath my eye pretty well, considering that I have a pretty bad darkness there. I only applied one layer of the concealer, though. I would say if you have a really bad under eye darkness, maybe you can go for a two to three layer of the concealer to get the perfect coverage.

(Left: before. Right: after.)
Yep yep, pimple scars everywhere. I have some on my chin, which is kind of predictable for people who have acne-prone skin. Am I right? I also do have a little redness on the side of my nose too (you guys maybe won't be able to notice it, but I do have it.)  And look how it get covered by the concealer!

(Left: before. Right: after)
Now, look at the right side of the picture. Oh, how I wish I could have a clear, blemish-free skin! 

The coverage is medium to full. I feel like the title of the concealer really does the job, though. Just with one layer of it, you can definitely get a blemish-free looking skin! This concealer also last pretty long on my face without creasing, and I like it that it doesn't feel heavy at all under my eyes. 

Last but not least, this is my full face using only the concealer to hide my skin flaws!

Overall thoughts:

What I like about it: 
-Medium to full coverage
-A little goes along the way!
-The packaging is small, which makes it travel-friendly

What I don't like about it: 
-Pricey ($34 for 14ml)
-It dry out so fast
-Sometimes hard to blend 
Rate for this product: 8/10
Repurchase? Yes!


  1. coba pake masker DIY gitu deh kalo mau coba ngilangin bekas jerawat. kalo aku sih biasanya pake masker madu atau madu+cinnamon+nutmeg. kalo telaten lumayan banget loh ngilangin bekas jerawatnya ^^

    1. Hiii kak Ika! maaf banget baru balees. Thank youu sarannya! Aku bakalan coba rekomendasinya hehehe.. sebenernya juga aku pengen banget bikin DIY masker madu sendiri, cuma keseringan mager jadi nggak jadi2, nganggur doang deh tuh madu hahaha

  2. aku pake ultra hd concealernya mufe itu bagus banget loh. Lingkaran bawah mata aku item banget, itu satu2nya concealer yang bisa stay dan awet nutupin lingkaran mata aku seharian. Tapi harganya lumayan pricey ya haha

    1. Iyaa coveragenya bagus banget dan sebenernya isinya banyak siih soalnya dipake dikit doang coveragenya udah bagus, jadi menurutku harganya masih masuk akal. cuma menurutku keringnya cepet bgt aja sih jd harus cepet2 diblend pas dipake :( huhu

  3. concealernya lumayan bagus juga ya kak, meskipun bekas jerawatnya gak bisa tertutup dengan sempurma namun hasilnya oke..


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