Highlight from 2015!

Friday, January 8, 2016

First of all, here's a picture of me and my Jomblo Squad! These are the people that never get tired to accompany me everywhere, everytime! I love you guys like I love my phone lol.

Second of all, here's a picture of my friend, Tya and I, in a Taxi, at 11:27 PM riding from Istora Senayan to Pantai Indah Kapuk, in a shitty traffic to get to our friend's house, Rachel, before 2:00 AM because we have to go the airport by 3:00AM because we were planning to give our friend, Lovira, a surprise before she go. Anyways, thanks to Uber Taxi because the price wasn't as pricey as a normal taxi. We were just attending Labschool's event, which is Sky Avenue 2015: Redifining The Common. 
(yes, this picture was from snapchat.)

AAAAAND finally Tya and I arrived at Rachel's house by approximately 00:30 AM and thank God we still got a chance to sleep until 2:00 AM. After that, we went straight to the airport and arrived by around 3:00 AM, and successfully surprised her! Here's a picture of Lovira and I.

 and this is the picture of the squad, slightly before Lovira went to the airplane. (and sorry I was to lazy to rotate the picture heho)

 Third of all, this was the picture when the squad and I gave a surprise to our birthday girl, Tiffany! She was celebrating her 17th birthday that day. Finally, one of our friend achieved her legal age! 

Fourth of all, this is the picture when we were giving a surprise to our miss rempong friend, Nanet! We successfully made her cry badly that day because we purposely went hang out together without her, and made it seems like we don't care about her birhtday. But, actually, we really care. When finally Nanet went out for a dinner with her family at night, we went to her house and hide in her room. And when she got home.... boom! we surprised her! we did it guys! after almost 2 hours of waiting and we almost fell asleep at her bed because it was late at night and we were tired. But, we did it! *handclap*

(To make it short) this is also when we were giving a surprise to our twin friends, Diva and Deva. We gave them a clue at each section of her house to guide them to us because we were hiding at her yard, near the pool. We almost messed up the surprise plan because again, it was almost midnight and they haven't got home and we also almost fell asleep because we were tired lol. But, we did it guys! I am so proud of us!
(The guy is Gaudi, and this is just a few of us who were surprising The Twins that day. Can you guess where am I? ;) )

FIIIIINALLY! this is the real highlight from 2015! This is us in front of one of the Departments buildings in the University of California, Berkeley. Actually there are more of us but I don't have the picture because this is a school trip, but it was optional. This is a big experience for me because I got the chance to visit the United States, with my fellows. To be exact, this is a 12-days-trip and we visited San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, etc. We went to Disneyland, California Adventure Park, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UC Los Angeles, and many more! It was awesome. From the night walk and when we got chased by a random drunk man, when we get lost in San Francisco, to when I got seperated from the group and get lost in LA. Wish that I can re-play that moment!

Well, a lot have happened in 2015 and I won't forget that. But, I guess these are the memories that I will miss the most. 

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