Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello, Everyone! It's January, Again! I hope everyone's facing a fresh start. So, How's everything? 

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE! I know it's quite late to say this, but it's better than never, right? So, 2015 has finally ended. I can't say that the whole year was kind of a rough patch but I would say that the last 3 months ( from October to December) was a bit hard for me. Because i had to face the-scary-and-annoying finals week to end semester 1 (Woohoooo!) and I had to attend a TOEFL course for about 3 months, which is still going until now because my teacher have this habit of absent so the class definitely going to be extended! sigh. Anyways, the TOEFL course going to be ended soon! (next week, to be exact) and honestly I'm really happy because finally I can get a normal school days again. To be honest, it's really frustating to take a TOEFL course when you are going to school at 7:00 AM and dismissed at 4:00 PM, and you have to go to your TOEFL class straightforward afterschool, and finally have your REAL dismissal at 8:00 O'clock at night. And you still have lots of school work to do... trust me, it's frustating. 

But yeah, the struggling gonna be ended soon! (honestly, the answer is no. Because the real journey has just begun..) Well, yes, the big news is that i'm going to college this June in Seattle. So, the struggling of taking TOEFL course and come home lately were just the beginning, I guess. Aaaaand, definitely i will leave my lovely high school (yikes!) this March, approximately. I don't know how to express the feeling, but, I will not be a school girl anymore, and going to be a college girl in the fact that now I am only 16 year old. Yes, God has His own plan for me.

Soooo, I hope this year gooooooooing to be an awesome year. Because, honestly, this year gunna be a big year for me. I hope everyone will be doing good this year, and may all of your resolutions come true! (no bullshit). Anyways, I just want to share my new year's resolution in the hope that I can accomplished all of these things within this year.. I really hope. But, don't worry, because this is my first time of writting down my new year's resolutions. Because, again, This year gooonna be a big year for me so I think it's not a bad idea to try something new as the start. So, here's my new year's resolutions:
1. Eat healthy. (I really want to, like literally Because i've been eating junk food all my life and barely touch that green food.)
2. Start working out. (and, yes, i never really do work out in my life. This laziness have to be erased!)
3. Give a random compliment each day, to a random person.
4. Be grateful more often.
5. Get more close to my parents, because I never did a real effort to get close to them..
6. #Positivevibes all the way!
7. Smile more often. Because almost all of my friends said that their first impression of mine was either fierce nor grumpy, they said i rarely smile... lol
8. Try something new!

Okay, so, those are my resolutions and I hope that at least I can accomplished half of it. Well, would you mind sharing yours too? But, whatever your resolutions are, I really hope that it will get real, soon! 

Cheers to a brand new start! xx

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